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I’ve got a raging boner ready to explode. What should I cum on? Let me know in the comments.


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. huge cum load on mirror.
. strain cum load through white shears as shown in left column
. pretty much any way, any place you want
. on window with cam on other side
. would have to cut hole in pants pocket, but – pants on, cock sticking out of pocket. huge cum load would have to be you sitting and cumming on pants leg to see it.

Have you ever tried cum on Takara dolls? Do it! It’s worth! Believe me! They are really hot.

I also have a fetish for dolls. Currently have 5 little lover dolls, which include two Takara girls.

Would like to share some pics?

I have some ideas :
First, you could do things you already done like :
– Cum on a mirror
– On a window
– On a table

Cause anyway every cumshot is unique so there will be something new everytime.

Then you can try new things. I’d love to see you cum on things people will touch. For example an elevator control panel. If you do another travel there are plenty of things you can cover with your awesome cum in your hotel room.
– Television remote
– Television screen
– Mirror
– sink faucet
– shower head
– The mini bar
– The pillows
– The walls
– door handle

You could also cum on store clothes. You pick them, go to the changing room, cover them with your juice and put them back where they were.

Of course continue to cum on food. I love when you dump a big load of cum on desserts like canelé or cheesecake so it would be awesome if you continued, also you could try new kinds of foods to cum on.

I have some ideas:
Cum on a peluche
Cum on Balloons
Cum on a pizza
Cum on a hot dog
Cum inside a krapfen
Cum on ice cream
Cum in a Soap dispenser
Cum in my mouth (no it’s sadly impossible ???)

I dare to suggest you to cum in:

a cup of coffee, milk, or chocolate;

a hamburger;

a hot dog;

Fresh fruits;

Waffles, with some blueberries and soft fruit, and with your fresh cum topping instead of butter;

Modeling clay;

Balloons; your huge cock can bounce on them for fun, pop them, or fuck them;

Rubber Gloves (the thin ones);


Porcelain furnishing with some space to fit your big cock inside;

A Godzilla figure (your kaiju-sized cock can easily defeat the king of the monsters with a Final Cumblast)

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