Thick cum on Bratz doll Fianna

I started developing a doll fetish a few years ago, and the first time I decided to cum on a doll was actually a Bratz doll. Since that day I’ve jizzed on many different types of dolls, but I haven’t done another Bratz doll since that first one. (Enjoy those videos here and here) Of all the sexy Bratz dolls out there, Fianna really makes my dick hard.

In this video, Fianna sits quietly and watches me stroke my big hard cock, waiting for her first facial. It’s not very long before my huge load of thick cum coats her pretty face! It’s such a massive cumshot that the first couple blasts shoot over her head, but it doesn’t matter because the pearly white semen keeps flowing out of my cock until this slutty Bratz doll is a cum covered mess! Cumming on Bratz doll Fianna was so fun I’ll have to do it again soon.

Thick cumshot on Bratz doll video

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So fucking hot. She looks so tiny next to your big fat dick. I love how hard she makes you. I have my vibrator on my clitty and am just about to cum watching you empty your big full balls on that tiny little slut. Love these vids.

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