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Love your cum shots! The link I show above is the place I post most of my cum shot pics. You, I am sure, understand that its a wonderful and fun and exciting “hobby”. 😉 I am a totally straight guy in that I have no desire to have sexual contact with another man, but I absolutely love to watch a guy jack off and cum! I have gotten somewhat obsessed with looking for other who like it too and sharing pics and videos. If you have any interest in doing so, please email me. I hope you check out my pics and annimated gif cum shots too, If you google my screen name (richardjackov), you’ll probably find some of my videos and such. I also have pics of me fucking and getting sucked, but I don’t post them online. I do, however, trade them privately if I trust the person to keep them private.

What I would enjoy is having an email exchange where we can share ideas about ways to shoot video, different scenarios we’d like to see, etc.

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