Semen on figure: Fukiishi Hana

Today was a good day – I just received my new Fukiishi Hana figure! She’s wearing a sexy bunny suit with very revealing holes torn in her pantyhose, in quite a compromising position. Laying on her back with her legs spread open, this erotic hentai figure is squeezing her gorgeous tits together. She invites me to dump a load on her big plump breasts, eager to experience her first figure bukkake.

Check out the video, pics, and gifs to see Fukiishi Hana react to my big Asian cock before I cream her titties. I’m gonna enjoy cumming on this figure’s tits in many more SoF videos in the future!

Fukiishi Hana SoF video

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Hi, I’m Katty, I love SoF and your art and videos. This is the third time I came by watching your hot video.

Could you share her with me, at least some time? Would be amazing hot.

Important Introduction:
And what about a trans-girl into this? Yes. I’m a tranny girl who likes this fetish (actively and passively) since long time ago.

I enjoy watching SoF pics, gifs and videos. I’m sexually versatile (I make use of my cock) and I like women (yes, pretty lesbian); I’m both sumisive and dominant in lesbian sex, and I love to use my cock actively (fucking other girls).

The most part I Enjoy this fetish Its because I like to see hentai girls being fucked and jizzed; mostly because I would love to jizz all over them too (as you love to do on them, guys). So I Totally Approve SOF!

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