Semen glazed cheesecake

I’ve created another cum dessert for you – semen glazed cheesecake! You can find many recipes out there for cooking with semen, but those lack the visually stimulating aspect of seeing the fresh pearly white cum. My previous cum on food video was the cum frosted canele, but this time I’ve prepared chocolate cheesecake with a strawberry on top, frosted with sperm. In this video, you can watch me jerk my big hard throbbing cock and dump a big load of cum on the cheesecake and strawberry. After I’m finished cumming, I get some nice close-up shots of the jizz covered dessert so you can see how appetizing it looks. Bon appétit!

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This looks absolutely mouthwatering and stunning thank you very much for sharing this lovely clip with us, to be honest I’m perplexed as to why more men do not use their semen its full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and testosterone. I very much enjoyed this clip and the other one you did and look forward to you doing some more. There is something deeply satisfying about ejaculating on food and I bet this tasted wonderful with the fresh salty savory taste of your semen complementing the sweetness of the cheesecake. I’m a great fan of cumming on food and I never waste my own. The results look fantastic and I would definitely tuck into this lovely creamy dessert.
You seem to have mastered the art of ejaculating in the required place on the food, sometimes I struggle with this as I squirt my semen too far because I get excited. Have you ever considered saving your semen so you can get a good quantity to use in a recipe? It’s a passion of mine and I have some wonderful recipes which use semen as a constituent part. Of course, one of my favorites is just to cum directly on the food like you do because this is visually appealing and there is nothing nicer than the taste of fresh semen!

Thanks once again for sharing this with us please please please post more.

Thanks again for your comment! My specialty is covering desserts with fresh nut custard, but I’ll think about saving up multiple loads for a special recipe. I’ve been working on my ejaculation aim – I think I did pretty good this time but missed with a couple squirts 😀

I absolutely agree with you on the need to ‘aim’ and you do seem to have mastered it, this is something I struggle with but your beautiful proud cock produced mouthwatering ‘nut custard’ almost perfectly so well done and thanks once again for sharing. I have consumed my own cum for many years and if required I’m certain I could produce something as lovely and well aimed as you but nowadays I just usually cum in my protein shake at the gym, into a container where I collected for freezing it or directly onto a sandwich/salad where aim is not so necessary. To be honest I would never dream of discarding my cum! Thanks once again.

Love this clip. There is nothing more tasty and fresh semen and it’s great to see another guy do the same as what I love doing. I’ve always found fresh semen to be much more tasty (and of course, fun to produce) but I tend not to use it so much on sweet food as I think it’s better on savoury food but I must admit this looks great.

My secret fantasy is for a guy to cum on my dessert like this and watch me eat it all up. You cum so much and it looks so creamy and delicious, such a turn on.

Sup man i made this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it thx for the inspiration absolutely made my and her day better, i can also recommend you try out the cookbook with semen! 🙂

hi there I have commented on some of your wonderful videos ticketed the ones where you ejaculate on food and I think one of your specialisms is deserts. I have watched your wonderful videos online wonder if you’re going to doing any more food videos in the near future largely cost they are fantastic properly the best on the Internet. not only have got beautiful cock and balls which is beautiful every sense of the word but how you control your cum and place it on the deserts so perfectly is great to see and is a regular cum-on-food junkie I know how hard it is to keep control at the critical time. My usual indulgence simply to take my sandwich or bagel to the washroom and ejaculate into it before returning to my desk which I have done for in excess of 20 years in fact, I find the ejaculatory bit just as much fun as eating it bit. I’ve also ventured into some wonderful uses of semen particularly in savoury foods and have some wonderful culinary achievements. Thanks once again

My boyfriend (Hi, James) said that he would love for me to follow this recipe. Thank you very much for enlightening me in the ways of the cummies. My boyfriend is very satisfied with his desserts as he always gets one after his daily dose of dick. He also told me that he would like you to make a creampie with actual real “cum”

I must admit it, this is a real masterpiece! Your delicious cock cream is a great addiction to the sweet cheesecake, expecially if you pair it with a fresh juicy red strawberry on the top of the dessert! The strawberry completely covered in your creamy cock jam is so appetizing, my mouth is watering! What a delicious snack, I would swallow that in one gulp!!! ???????

Hmmm, my mouth is watering… 🤤🤤🤤
I want to buy this clip, you’re a very talented pastry chef! My mouth is watering, watching you use your big pink flexible cock as a sac-à-poche to deploy a big load of creamy tasty whipped cream on that delicious cheesecake, hmmm… I wanna sink my teeth into that tasty strawberry, damn! I can’t decide what to taste, the cum covered cheesecake, or your huge throbbing cock… Probably both!!! 🤤😋🥵🍮🍓🍆🥛💦

Omg my little cunny is on fire! Just edging myself watching all these super hot vids. That rock hard piece of man meat makes my mouth water. Watching you grip it and stroke it. Yum. I’ve got my vibrator buzzing on my clitty but I take it off right before I cum and start all over again. Wish your big cock was throbbing inside of me.

Yes, Great job. The still pictures turned out amazing. I cooking with my own cum for my wife and I. Keep up the work.

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