I tore up my onahole!

Sometimes jacking off with an onahole can feel so damn good that you might get excited and rip a hole right through it! I really love the way my throat onahole feels around my cock. The way it grips my cock feels so much better than other masturbation sleeves out there. So I was imagining my hard cock getting a good deepthroat while I gave this onahole a good drilling. Right as I begin cumming my cock rips through the top of it and jizz begins spurting out.

Tearing through that onahole felt incredible and gave me a super intense orgasm to finish off a hell of a jerking session. This toy will never be the same though, so it’s time to find another onahole that can handle my big cock giving it a rough pounding. Oh well, it was a good throatfuck toy while it lasted.

Onahole torn up by big cock video

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You have the most beautiful cock I ever seen! And you’re so creative, attractive, and a great talented clipmaker!!! I love you and your work!!!! ???

This is so HOT!!! I know it can be hard to find a new Onahole capable of containing such a huge powerful monstercock, but i hope you will find it, so you can do other videos like these, i love them! ???

I buyed this clip! Your big hard lubed cock drilling through that lucky onahole really turns me on! When the head of your monster cock rips off the onahole and the creamy sticky cum begin spurting out, I feel in heaven! I love your sexy moans while you’re finally cumming hard after you destroyed the onahole, I wish that toy was my throat! I can really feel your great exciting while filming this amazing clip!! 👏🍆💦👅🥵🤤😋💯

wow! 😳 I wish that was my throat. You are so hot and attractive. I just joined your reddit. I’ve been following your videos for a while now, and I think I’ll buy one at least. Did you delete your Twitter? I was following you there too but the other day I went to search for your profile to see what you were up to and I don’t see it anymore. I love your Busty Aichan videos. Please do another one of those (although whatever else you want to do is fine by me as well.)

Ärgerlich, kenne diese Problematik mit solchen kleinen und engen Toys aus dem asiatischen Raum . (siehe mein Clip)

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