Cum on Wonder Woman doll

We all know that Wonder Woman is a beautiful superhero who uses her powers to fight for justice, but the sexy Amazonian warrior princess has finally met an adversary she cannot defeat! None of her previous opponents knew that she has a weakness – big giant dicks. And this time, when Wonder Woman shows up to battle, she sees a big Asian cock that stops her in her tracks.

She freezes in place, under a spell of sexual magic that leaves her vulnerable and unable to defend herself. She stands there helplessly as I jerk off in front of her face until she’s under complete cock hypnosis. Then I give her my finishing move, a bukkake sized load of jizz blasted in her face at point blank range! The thick cum covers her face and oozes down her body, the ultimate cum tribute to Wonder Woman and the sexy actress Gal Gadot. The potent cumshot is a powerful potion that transforms the heroic justice fighter into my figure bukkake slave, where she’s destined to live out the rest of her days as a brainwashed bimbo addicted to cum.

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Hi dude, still amazing your loads on figures/statues. I contact you again for to know if u re interested on talking about anime figures. Ave myself a big collection that i like to cum on

Come to discord and register on. 🙂

Nice! I have her too, but I haven’t made a video with her yet. I did make videos of the version that came out last year. I think I like that body better, but this face is definitely better.

Hi there. You have the best ever cumshots I’ve seen. I’m very impressed. I love wonder woman as she gives me a boner too with my huge cock. I was wondering if you would ever consider a scene where both you and I could double team wonder woman and both of us blow our huge loads on her at the same time? My name is Brian Graham and you can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am very serious by the way! Please call me and let’s talk !

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