Cum on the window

You could say I’m a bit of a cock exhibitionist. I love sharing pics of my dick and videos of me cumming, and I really like reading your comments. But I try not to do anything illegal like whipping out my cock in public. However, I recently went to Las Vegas and did something pretty close – I put my cock on display in front of the hotel window and proceeded to put on a free show.

It began when I woke up from a nap with a raging hard on that demanded my attention. I pulled out my cell phone camera and began stroking my cock and swinging it around. Then I stood in front of the sliding glass door, jerking off for all to see. Then I decided to write a message on the window for anyone who happened to be watching… a message written in semen. Looking out at the nearby hotels, I blasted a huge load of cum on the window. Those long ropes of cum left a nice window decoration for the hotel maids to clean up!

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Wow, i have just discovered your work…amazing. I can’t wait to see more. The view from the window was even better after you had finished…

You hard throbbing cock looks like a meat skyscraper! Wish I were there to admire the show by short distance! 🥵🤯🤤😋🍆🥛

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