Cum on Ivanka

I wish I could see the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump in a porn video. I would love to see a huge cumshot all over her pretty face and big tits, but that will probably never happen. So instead, I created a simulation of that hot blonde bimbo with my new figure – a sexy doll of Ivanka wearing a tight black dress. First, I took photos of her showing off her nice body, tits, and pussy. Then I stroked my cock and gave her a big messy bukkake! This is the ultimate Ivanka Trump cum tribute, and my first time cumming on my new Phicen figure. I hope you like it.

Cum on Ivanka Trump figure video

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Ivanka Trump doll photos

Ivanka Trump cum tribute screenshots

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Ivanka Trump is so sexy and sultry. I have jacked off to her pics many times and enjoy watching cum tributes on her pics, but this is the hottest thing ever! Kudos!

Incredible load! Love how accurate it looks.

I’d love to see you give the Belle (Disney princess) doll that looks accurate to Emma Watson too!

Thank you, and great ideas! The Belle doll is very cute, I’ve thought about buying her before. Maybe I’ll have to do it. I have seen Emma Watson heads for this Ivanka doll, but I haven’t found one that looks accurate enough.

Oh man that would be so awesome. I’d love to see Emma getting covered in cum. Either the Belle doll or the Emma head would be huge hits I bet

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