Cum on Barbie sisters

Barbie has so many sexy friends and sisters, I wish I could collect them all! My blonde and redhead Barbie dolls are sisters, and these two naughty dolls don’t mind sharing their men. They got all dressed up in lingerie together and in order to watch my big cock perform a cock ring masturbation show for them. As I stroke my hard veiny cock, redhead Barbie pulls down the lingerie to show me her and her sister’s tits. As they kneel in front of me, mesmerized by the giant cock, I tickle their faces and tits with the tip of my dick and make them all wet and messy with precum. Then I give them a spectacular ending to the show – a huge blast of cum all over their pretty doll faces. The two dolls get draped in big thick cum ropes with jizz on their hair and tits for good measure. You can tell by the massive cumshot that cumming on two Barbie dolls got me really excited!

Cum on two Barbie dolls video

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Hi, I’m a frequent customer of your clip store and want to thank you for yet another hot video. The way you play with your dolls is so perverted yet it makes me so horny watching. Your penis looks so enormous and godly next to your little dolls, and wow you can really shoot a lot of cum.

-a fan

The vein on that thing is impressive. Really enjoy your videos. Would love to know where you find your Barbies? I’ve been looking for the old school harder plastic ones and the ones with the colored underwear already on the doll.

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