Cum in a wine glass

Wanna get cum drunk? Allow me to pour you a glass. I’ll make you a fresh semen cocktail, just give me a couple minutes to jerk off my big cock. I aim the cumshot into a wine glass, cumming hard until the drink is ready to be served.

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Cumming in a wine glass
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I found your site via someone’s blog on Tumblr. It so hot! I love to see cum on things. Always been a fetish of mine–especially with it cums out of big hard cut cocks!

Not sure if you can see my pix on, but I have some cum on things in my albums.

Thanks for this site! I look forward to more!

Dude your cock is so fit!! I HAVE to see more. The side shot of it getting ready to wank in the wine glass is my fave, yours is literally one of THE most amazing cocks! Do NOT EVER stop posting! x

Mmm.that cock is so big n sexy..I want to try suckin cock so bad..I want it so much I’ll probably cum while suckin it…I think a big fat cock is so sexy..I want u to cum down my throat

Damn, that glass looks so small compared to your massive cock!!!
I would definitely try your COCKtail, it seems sweet and delightful! ???

Hmmm, I love when you stroke your huge tower of meat to prepare a tasty delicacy! It would be a hard test for me, staying there on knees, waiting for the precious cum to be poured in the wine glass, without having the big urge of sucking it directly at the source, from your monstruous huge cock! But I would patiently wait my turn, trying to manage my mouth watering… ???????

Damn, I would be your most loyal customer, I never refuse a rich glass of delicious cum just milked from your long powerful cock! It looks an exquisite delicacy! I would be cum drunk day and night!!! 🤤🤤🤤🥛🥛🥛

Hmmm… your white, thick, top-quality cock cream looks absolutely delicious, my mouth is watering! I would taste this sweet nectar with great pleasure! I would lick every drop of cream into the glass, and then I would ask for a refill, but directly on tap this time!!! From producer to consumer!!! 😋😋🤤🤤🥛🥒🍾🥂😏

Damn, If I had the money, I would hire you as my personal bartender H24! I would order any type of cum based drink, I would love to taste and appreciate the creamy consistency of your tasty cum in my mouth, then gulping all the delicious drink and fells my throat well lubed, ready to be deep explored! 🤤🤤😋😋🥒🍸👄

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