Cum in a snack bowl

Here’s a snack idea for entertaining guests: cum in a dish, then use it as a dip for chips or veggies – or just lick it straight out of the bowl. When I invite a friend over who enjoys eating cum, I pull out my big cock and jerk off into a snack bowl just like this:

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Huge cock cumming in bowl
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cumshots of you shooting in things is amazing, makes me so wet. Keep em coming (so to speak) really sexy, delicious cock

Mmm..I love watchin u stroke that huge sexy cock until u cum..I wish it was me doin it for u

I would love to be your guest for a day, just for trying every snack and dessert you can offer me, all prepared with your special tasty cock cream on top of it! ??????

I want to be your guest, just to watch you stroking your big cock in front of me and serving your thick cum in a bowl, I would use it as a dip for chips! ??

Wow, your skills are truly impressive! It must be a unique show, to be your guest for a day and admiring your wonderful divine throbbing cock at work, patiently pumped up for minutes, and finally releasing delicious fresh cum in a bowl, ready to be tasted!!! ???????

Your rich cum seems a fresh and healthy snack, delicious and nutritious! 👌😋🥛🍆

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