Cum frosting dessert

I can’t believe I’ve made this many solo cumshot videos and haven’t cum on food yet. I know a lot of you want to see cum on food, based on your responses to my poll. So I’ve prepared a cum dessert for you: chocolate canelé with cum frosting.

To produce this fine dessert, I give myself 3 orgasms with the last one dumping a huge load of thick cum that fills the top of the pastry and drips down the side. This video starts with about 30 seconds of me gripping and tugging around the base of my big Asian cock while rubbing my balls. I can feel my full sack practically overflowing with a big load of jizz. The urge to cum is overwhelming, but I stop jerking right when I’m about to cum.

I relax into a mini-orgasm and slowly spill the first cumshot on top of the canelé. After a short pause, I continue stroking myself, edging on the brink of cumming again. I stop again and relax into another small orgasm, my cock throbbing with spasms, but only a small drop of cum escapes the tip. Shortly after, I jerk my cock and work it, building up to a full and complete orgasm, emptying my balls onto a tasty treat. If you like cum dessert and semen frosting, you’re gonna love watching me apply a large serving of thick cum to create this delicacy.

Cum on food video

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Great, seeing you so many times jerking off.
You´ve got beautyful hands, a nice prick, obviously a sportive belly.
I wish I was the cake, the table….

Wish it was me on my knees receiving that huge, hot, thick, tasty looking, semen load on my tongue and swallowing it. Hhmmm..

This looks absolutely wonderful, not only is this incredibly nutritious but consuming semen is incredibly natural. I love the way they managed to control ejaculation to ‘place’ the semen carefully on the desert. Looks wonderful and, I wish I saw more of this and I wish it was more mainstream.

Hi, thanks for all your comments!
I’m glad you appreciate the my careful dessert decorating skills. Culinary presentation is important 🙂
I haven’t cum on food in a while, but I’ve got a new one on the way that I think you’ll love.

Oh great, I hope you posted your new clips very soon and I hope you have fun experimenting using cum with food. I think you will quickly find that cum is an absolutely wonderful ingredient. I’ve had years of practice, years of fun and experimented loads so good look!
Very much looking forward to your future posts!

Second comment here: I wonder if you could give us the verdict following your taste test of their wonderful desert you prepared. I wonder if the salty semen tasted delicious with the sweet caramel, I bet it was a wonderful combination. It would be great if you could let us know how it tasted, thanks. Also can you post any more of your cum on food exploits it’s a culinary area definitely worthy of more investigation! .

I would eat that everyday and lick him clean and have him wash it down when he’s done all the time. Yummy????????

Such a big buttery load from those beautiful plump nuts must enhance the flavor of any dessert. #theloveofcum

Bro this look delicioux !! This canelé look delicious now that you’ve added your thick man yogurt on it. I so want to taste it, feel your cum in my mouse !

Wow, It looks delicious! ???
The cannelè is a sweet dessert, but served this way, with all that nutrient fresh cum just milked decorating the top, it must be a rare delicacy! I wanna taste it and lick all clean! ?????

This cum frost dessert looks so rich & delicious with all the thick white cum on top of it! ?
My mouth is watering… ?

I’m so hungry… However… This dessert is amazing!!! I’m impressed from the huge loads of cum you can pour on your creations… damn, the sweet canelé almost drowned in your abundant cum!!!
I would devour this dessert with great joy, it looks delicious! ??????

I buyed this clip, I couldn’t resist! It’s a real privilege for me watching your godly cock in action, my mouth is watering when I see your heavy throbbing cock head pouring an insane load of delicious cum on the appetizing canelé, Hmmmm!!! I wanna feel this dessert in my mouth with all the tasty abundant cock cream! 😋🥵💦🍮
Nice work MrSoloCumshot!!! 🤤👌🏻

Damn! I just imagine eating this cum glazed delicacy, while watching that big cock still throbbing next to my face… 🤤🤤🤤🍼🍆💦

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