A shot of cum, straight up

You can think of me as your cum bartender, serving you fresh solo cumshots in a variety of ways. Sometimes you want to cut straight to the chase and order a shot of cum, straight up with no mixer or chaser.

Here’s a short video I took on my phone, jerking my cock and rubbing out a quick cumshot. You get a good close-up view of my cock ejaculating into a glass, ready to be drunk. Stay tuned to see me make more cum drinks!

Cum in glass video

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Cum shot in a glass pics and gifs

Cumming in glass Shot of cum in a glass

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Have you heard of ‘Semenology – A Bartender’s Book ‘ Google it there is a free download, it is a genuine book on how to incorporate semen into cocktails and drinks and is a wonderful valid resource for those who are enthusiastic about using semen this way. I have tried some of the drinks in the book and had some success. I must say that using semen is a very natural, fulfilling and nutritious thing to do and, when you get some good ideas you will find that using your semen becomes a very natural thing to do. Keep us posted on your progress on using cum , personally, when I discovered using my cum like this about 10 years ago I have made hundreds of drinks using my own juice as well as finding it very stimulating and great fun, I never waste my own cum now.

The straight pure jizz just ejaculated from your immense cock is the DEFINITIVE drink! I LOVE how the precious liquid shines in the glass, I would drink it in one shot!! I’m sure you can use your great bartender skills to prepare a wide variety of delicious drinks starting from your raw top-quality semen, but I would always prefer this classic recipe, over more sophisticated ones, so I can fully appreciate all the original taste of your precious silky cum! ????

What a delicacy! Your perfect cum looks fresh and tasty, and this is a fast and easy recipe to do, basic ingredients and a lot of love! I wanna lick all the sticky cream in the glass and feel it flow deep in my throat, My mouth’s watering already!!! ???

Damn, it really turns me on watching your huge cock at work, wisely milked to prepare delicious and nutritious drinks! My mouth is watering and my cock gets hard as a rock! I can’t resist nomore, I have to drink this fresh precious tasty cum cocktail, I wanna taste the flavour of your white perfect silky cum, it looks delicious!!!

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