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I can’t stop cumming on dolls! Fianna is back for another visit after her first Bratz doll porn video where I dumped a thick load onto her pretty face. Now she’s sluttier than ever and wants more semen. So I sit her down and stroke out 3 cumshots on the doll’s hair and face, allowing the cum to dry between each one. To make sure her hairstyle stayed in place, I gave the doll hair a hot gluing for maximum hold. There was so much sticky jizz that it overflowed down her face and all over her body and skirt. And that’s just the beginning of this cumpilation of 3 loads on a Bratz doll.

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Perfect video! 3 big loads of high quality white sticky cum, flowing on her face… Lucky doll!!! ?????

You should do a big cumshot compilation with all your cumshots and put it on your clips store, I would totally buy it and I bet others would too. Think about it!

Hmmm, three delicious, generous loads of your high-quality cum all on a single doll’s face! She was so lucky!!! 😋😋😋

Hello! Happy New Year! (and Happy Lunar New Year!) I just rubbed my little clit to your masturbation with a condom video. It’s so hot!!! (Well, all your videos are so hot.) It made me cum real good. Your big Asian cock is amazing (as is your slim, toned body.) I miss your updates. I’m hoping to buy one of your videos for the first time soon. I’ll start with the onahole videos and then I’ll get the Busty Aichan videos. Those are the best! Please update soon and I hope you are safe and doing well. (By the way, did you delete your Twitter? 😢😭 I’m so sad. I can’t find it anymore. Please consider coming back to Twitter if you care to. I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of your beautiful cock. I wish we could sign up to get updates on when you post new videos. Would you consider OnlyFans? or Patreon (online platforms where your fans can have a monthly subscription to see your wonderful content.) I’d sign up in a heartbeat! Take care 💕😘

Hey Mr. Solo Cumshot. Have you watch a YouTuber called “Femme Fatale Fanatics” He has a collection of Beautiful figures that would you love to cum. Please watch them.

Hi! I miss you! I just bought myself another one of your videos (fleshlight fucking POV cumshot) and it reminded me how much I miss your updates (and seeing your beautiful toned body and your big Asian cock, Daddy 😋) I hope you are well. It’ been a while. 😩 I hope you update again soon! 😘

Prolly the last person to comment ever but whatever

Does anyone know what happened to bro? Did his family find out or something? XD

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