Titfuck toy masturbation in a thong

I know that many of you have been asking for another Busty Aichan tittyfuck video, and I hope you’re pleased with my new release! This time, I had a fun idea to wear my ex-girlfriend’s thong while I played with my favorite titfuck toy. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being a man wearing a woman’s thong, but to my surprise it was a bit of a turn-on! Of course those little panties couldn’t contain my package for very long, so I pulled it to the side and placed my cock between those big bouncy anime boobs.

In this Busty Aichan jerk off video, you can see me go from soft to hard as I use the toy to massage my cock. After some dry paizuri, I apply some lube and slide my big hard cock between those silicon tits. After several minutes of pleasuring myself, I drop a big messy load all over those boobs and then put my throbbing cock between them again. For all those cum fetish fans out there, I think you’ll enjoy seeing all the thick, sticky cum on my dick…

Titfuck toy masturbation video

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Hi! Glad to see you post again. Great video as usual. I love it when I can see your juicy cock in action. Please do more videos!

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