Doll cumshot threesome at Ever After High

The Ever After High dolls are such sluts! Nina Thumbell and Ginger were craving a big cock one day, so they decided to call their friend Mr. Solo Cumshot to see if he wanted to play. They thought it’d be fun to make out with each other while he watched, knowing that it would make him horny enough to jack off in front of them, and if they’re lucky, give them a big messy cum shower. And they sure got what they wanted – two loads of thick cum covering their faces, hair, and clothes! The huge cumshot leaves these two dolls bukkaked and satisfied, and they continue kissing as the semen slowly drips down their faces leaving behind a shiny cum glaze.

Doll cumshot threesome video

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Cum on Barbie sisters

Barbie has so many sexy friends and sisters, I wish I could collect them all! My blonde and redhead Barbie dolls are sisters, and these two naughty dolls don’t mind sharing their men. They got all dressed up in lingerie together and in order to watch my big cock perform a cock ring masturbation show for them. As I stroke my hard veiny cock, redhead Barbie pulls down the lingerie to show me her and her sister’s tits. As they kneel in front of me, mesmerized by the giant cock, I tickle their faces and tits with the tip of my dick and make them all wet and messy with precum. Then I give them a spectacular ending to the show – a huge blast of cum all over their pretty doll faces. The two dolls get draped in big thick cum ropes with jizz on their hair and tits for good measure. You can tell by the massive cumshot that cumming on two Barbie dolls got me really excited!

Cum on two Barbie dolls video

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Cum on 2 dolls!

Draculaura and Nina Thumbell are curious about trying a threesome for the first time. They are both devoted to serving their master’s cock first and foremost, but this time they were instructed to touch and kiss each other. While the two dolls are getting it on, I whip out my hard cock. The massive shaft of throbbing meat towers above them, commanding the slut dolls to put their pretty faces together. They take turns kissing the tip and getting all sloppy with gobs of precum as it builds up a huge load to cum on these two dolls. I crisscross their faces with long streams of thick cum, covering both of them and hot gluing their faces together. Draculaura and Nina Thumbell now share a special connection as BFFs: Bukkake friends forever!

Cum on two dolls video

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