Thick cumshot on panties

Every once on a while I get the urge to cum on panties, and this tiny black thongĀ  belonging to my fuck buddy is my favorite jizzrag. In this video, I lay the panties on the table, get naked, and film myself POV jacking off. My engorged cock is aching to shoot a big load all over her panties, so I take aim and shoot a huge thick cumshot that covers the panties, plus cum on the table from the long distance cum blast. I love creating a hot white milky mess!

Thick cum load on panties video

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Huge load of cum on panties

Here’s a cum tribute on panties for my special friend who left her panties at my place after she made me cum harder than I’ve ever cum before. This black thong gets my cock hard and ready to blow spunk everywhere.

I lay the panties out and jerk my cock, and soon I drain my balls completely with a huge load. By the time I’m finished cumming, the panties are covered in cum, leaving a hot white mess that looks pretty artistic in a kink way, if you ask me!

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Huge cumshot on panties video

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Jerking off on panties

These sexy panties were given to me by someone who worships my cock and lets me cum wherever I want. Every once in a while I pay a cum tribute to her panties, jerking off my big cock and cumming all over them. Her little black thong is my cumshot target in this video.

Watch me stroke my cock, squeeze my balls, and aim a big load of semen on panties in this quickie solo cumshot clip. My dick keeps throbbing after cumming. The full length HD version is right here in my C4S clip store.

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