Huge cumshot on doll’s face

Monster High doll Draculaura is back, and I’m gonna turn her pretty face into a cum covered hot mess. For all of you with a doll fetish and a filthy imagination like me, you’ll enjoy seeing her encounter a huge cock the size of her entire body. Obviously this monster cock is way too big for her to fuck, so she leans back and lets me rub my cock all over her face and body, and glaze her face with lots of sticky precum.

Her pouty face is telling me she’s waiting for a big facial, and the POV style puts you right in the middle of the doll masturbation fun. Jerking off with my doll makes my balls swell with cum, so much cum that some overflows and spills out onto her face as I’m edging towards orgasm. The first cumshot is just a little preview that makes me even hornier, and I resume stroking my cock and build up a huge cumshot on the doll’s face. Working on my cum control, I begin to cum again but pause the orgasm mid-way to let the cum collect on her face in a slow, endless cumshot.

This pornographic visual is so hot I can’t hold back the full load of semen any longer – I go over the edge into a full ball-draining ejaculation. The huge load steadily pours out directly onto her face, so much cum it’s like a miniature bukkake. The thick cum sticks to the doll’s face like it’s a jizz magnet, accumulating until she’s completely buried in my thick wad. One of my best cum soaked doll bukkake scenes ever!

Huge cumshot on doll video

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Tabineko figure bukkake POV

Girls in sexy cat costumes are hot. That’s why I’m so attracted to Tabineko, the hot brunette cat babe from Neko no Wakusei (Planet of the Cats, in English). It’s an obscure adult manga title featuring cute girls with kitty ears and tails. If you’ve been following my solo cumshot videos, then you know about my newfound attraction to anime figures and hentai statuettes. Tabineko is the latest addition to my harem of dolls and hentai figures.

In this video, Tabineko is clothed, wearing a super sexy dress that pushes her big tits together and creating some amazing cleavage. Those tits look like a nice place to spill some semen… so I create my own Neko no Wakusei hentai episode where I play a giant, and Tabineko is my cum target. I whip out my dick and begin jerking off for Tabineko, imagining her sitting there frozen in place, shocked by the giant cock hovering above her.

I cum twice in this video, leaving her totally covered in jizz. First, I cum on her cleavage but stop myself mid-orgasm and drape her with ropes of cum from the top of her head to her boobs. Then, I continue to stroke my big Asian cock for a second cumshot, giving my Tabineko figure a big obscene figure bukkake. I drown her face in a thick coating of semen with that second load. Exactly what I wanted to see when I first laid eyes on her.

POV figure bukkake video

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Cum frosting dessert

I can’t believe I’ve made this many solo cumshot videos and haven’t cum on food yet. I know a lot of you want to see cum on food, based on your responses to my poll. So I’ve prepared a cum dessert for you: chocolate canelé with cum frosting.

To produce this fine dessert, I give myself 3 orgasms with the last one dumping a huge load of thick cum that fills the top of the pastry and drips down the side. This video starts with about 30 seconds of me gripping and tugging around the base of my big Asian cock while rubbing my balls. I can feel my full sack practically overflowing with a big load of jizz. The urge to cum is overwhelming, but I stop jerking right when I’m about to cum.

I relax into a mini-orgasm and slowly spill the first cumshot on top of the canelé. After a short pause, I continue stroking myself, edging on the brink of cumming again. I stop again and relax into another small orgasm, my cock throbbing with spasms, but only a small drop of cum escapes the tip. Shortly after, I jerk my cock and work it, building up to a full and complete orgasm, emptying my balls onto a tasty treat. If you like cum dessert and semen frosting, you’re gonna love watching me apply a large serving of thick cum to create this delicacy.

Cum on food video

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Multiple orgasm cum tribute to breasts

I donated to a breast cancer charity and received this nice pink wristband, then I went home to do my part to raise awareness. I find a picture of some nice perfect boobs and give them a cum tribute with multiple male orgasms. I use the pink wristband has a cock ring, slap my engorged dick on the table a few times, and jerk off with two hands.

I’ve been practicing edging and cumming multiple times, and I’m barely starting to learn to cum more than once and stay hard. By the end of the video, I jizz 3 times in a row and leave behind a nice cum tribute on tits.

Male multiple orgasm cum tribute video

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Fucking my Fleshlight

I’ve been curious about fleshlights for a long time now. I imagined how good it must feel to be able to plunge the entire length of my cock into a tight hole, pumping it in and out as hard as I want. Well, I finally bought one! I picked the mouth version because so I could imagine fucking a throat, and I picked the extra tight fleshlight to get the best sensation possible. All I can say is I wasn’t disappointed.

I wanted to share my experience with you all so I made this video of myself fucking the fleshlight in POV. I begin fucking away and feel like I’m going to ejaculate just after a minute! I pull out just before cumming and have a mini-orgasm, cumming on the fleshlight just a little bit. My cock still hard, I keep fucking away at the silicon mouth, using my cum as lube.

Then I cum a second time, pulling out and making sure to shoot semen all over the lips and mouth. I wipe the cum around with my dick and push the cum into the mouth, then shove my cock back inside. I’m trying to learn how to have multiple orgasms and I’m pretty sure this fleshlight will help me train. 🙂

Fleshlight POV fucking video

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