Cum on Asian Barbie doll

If you’ve seen my other videos then you know I have a doll fetish and love to cum on Barbie dolls. There are so many different Barbie dolls to choose from, but this one looks especially kinky covered in cum! My new Asian Barbie is a submissive slut doll, dressed seductively in black lingerie and her wrists tied down. This cum doll really wants to be owned by a big cock, so I stroke my hard cock and humiliate her by smothering a ton of sticky precum all over her face. This video gets nice and messy, with two loads of cum on Asian Barbie to welcome her to the naughty world of doll bukkake.

Cum on Barbie doll video

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Big cumshot on McKeyla doll

There’s a new pretty face in town, and she’s got bright purple hair, sexy inviting eyes and pouty lips. Her name is McKeyla McAlister and she’s a friend of my other Project MC2 doll, Adrienne. McKeyla heard all about Adrienne’s secret encounters with a big Asian cock that has a doll fetish, and she was intrigued. So she paid me a visit to see it with her own eyes. She sits down in front of me and asks if she can see my package. I drop my pants, exposing an enormous erection. “Oh my god, it’s even bigger than I imagined!” she exclaims…

Big cumshot on doll video

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Big cock cum on Saotome Maria figure

Figure bukkake is always better with big cocks and big loads! A hot hentai babe like Saotome Maria is back for her second SoF video, so get ready to see her face and huge tits get covered with a huge amount of cum. She is so lewd and horny, ready to serve her master’s big Asian cock and be his masturbation toy. The giant dick approaches her naked body and rubs against her stomach and boobs, edging closer to ejaculation as Saotome Maria shows off her pink pussy and waits for her special treat… 2 cumshots in a row!

The first cumshot to spills onto her face and cleavage but I pause and hold back the full load. The sperm covers half of her face and drips down onto her tits, but the fun isn’t over yet. I smother the cum on her body with my cock and continue jerking off over the cum covered figure. The second load builds up until my throbbing cock explodes with a massive cum blast that completely drenches her! I turn Saotome Maria into a semen soaked slut, and for this she was very thankful.

Cum on Saotome Maria figure video

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2 loads for Ginger’s first doll bukkake

I’ve got a special video for you, a doubleheader solo cumshot special! This is the slutification of my new cum doll, Ginger. I love how she looks so horny and skanky in her bright pink hair and short dress. I stroke my long cock in front of my Ever After High doll and cum twice on her face, letting the jizz drip down her body and dry off in between the two big messy facials. Her tan skin makes the perfect contrast for precum glazing and two heavy loads of my thick white semen. In this one video, you see two cum blasts as Mr. Solo Cumshot gives Ginger doll her first ever doll bukkake. I think she enjoyed it very much.

2 loads on doll video

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Naughty doll takes multiple cumshots

Naughty doll Adrienne is back, dressed like a high school slut with pigtails wearing glasses, knee-high stockings, and panties. Adrienne used to be an innocent little schoolgirl doll before she met me and my doll fetish. I put her through my doll sex training regimen and now she worships big cock and cum. I put a cock ring around my cock and balls and begin stroking it when Adrienne sits down in front of me and asks, “Would you like to cum on my face today?”

Like a mindless and obedient bimbo, she watches me jerking my engorged cock and sits still as I rub the tip all over her lips and face. Of course this big Asian cock isn’t gonna fit in her tiny mouth but it’s still fun seeing her try to suck this giant dick. I have 3 orgasms in this scene – stroking my cock and edging, but stopping myself just in time to give her the first facial cumshot without releasing the full load…

After giving Adrienne doll a nice facial, I continue jacking off as the jizz drips down her face and glasses. My naughty schoolgirl doll sits there in a cum daze as I have a second orgasm and tease a little bit of cum out of my cock. The cum keeps building up on her face as I build up to a third and final orgasm. The third cumshot is a full-size load that escalated from a doll facial cumshot to a big messy doll bukkake! My cumdoll loves it when I have multiple orgasms, especially when she ends up with a massive load of thick cum splattered all over her face!

Naughty doll multiple cumshots video

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