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I love to go outdoors and let my cock free in the sun and fresh air. Something about being in nature brings out the horny beast in me. One day I went for a hike in the mountains and stopped to take a rest. I unzipped my shorts, looked around to make sure no one was near, and started jacking off. I took some pictures of my big cock outdoors and then busted a huge load on a rock. It was a massive cumshot and I just wish I had a better camera with me. Leave me a note in the comments and tell me what you think!

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Cum on doll fetish

No one knows this, but I have a fantasy about getting it on with a tiny fairy babe. There is no way a tiny girl that size could handle a human dick – it would destroy her!

The other day I was shopping and caught a glimpse of this hot little Bratz doll. The second I laid eyes on her, I pictured her covered in my cum. So I took her home, stripped off her clothes, and rubbed my massive cock all over her. I jerked off furiously, imagining her begging to be submerged in semen. I aimed my cum gun and gave her a one-man bukkake, drenching her with a huge load and letting it ooze slowly down her body.

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I want to feed you a highly sought-after delicacy: my semen. First, I’ll stroke my cock until I’m edging towards ejaculation. Then I squeeze around the base of my big cock and aim my cum load into the bowl. All that’s left to do now is for you to lick the bowl clean. Will you be my good little cum eater?

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I ran into my hot neighbor who lives in my apartment building and we stopped and talked for a while. I tried my damndest to hold a conversation but all I could think about was fucking… I was so horny by the time I got back to my apartment that I needed to rub one out immediately. My big cock was already on the brink of orgasm by the time I whipped out my dick and began masturbating. Within a minute or two I ejaculated and rained down a puddle of cum on the table!

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