Giving my doll a nice big facial

This slutty Bratz doll makes a good cum target. Her glammed up eye makeup and pouty lips are just begging to be covered in semen. The unclothed doll lays on her back, waiting for her cum shower as a giant monster cock descends upon her. A huge load builds up, edging on the brink of ejaculation until it blasts her face full of jizz.

Enjoy my solo cumshot doll bukkake video clip posted here. I’m creating a clip store so you’ll be able to download all of my full high quality cum videos soon!

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Massive cumshot in POV

Hi my sexy friends, I’m back with a new cumshot video that I think you’ll like… I picked up one of those POV cams that shoots video from a pair of sunglasses. So of course I thought it’d be fun to make a little movie of me jerking my cock.

See things from my point of view when I stroke my cock and blast an incredibly huge cumshot. This is one of my biggest cumshots ever – a massive amount of cum shooting all over the coffee table with some crazy long distance!

Sorry the video is a little shaky, I’m still getting used to this POV camera 😀

Massive load POV cumshot video

Huge cumshot on the table
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Doll jerk off and cumshot

Meet my new doll Tiny Tina. Tina, meet big cock. She’s a naughty little barbie doll with a cum fetish, and she wants a cum bath. In this 7 minute video, watch me have some fun jerking off with a doll and draining my balls with a huge cumshot that completely covers her face. See my doll jerk my cock, then watch me stroke myself while wearing a cock ring and giving my cum doll a one-man bukkake.

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Cum in a snack bowl

Here’s a snack idea for entertaining guests: cum in a dish, then use it as a dip for chips or veggies – or just lick it straight out of the bowl. When I invite a friend over who enjoys eating cum, I pull out my big cock and jerk off into a snack bowl just like this:

Cum in snack dish video

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