Busty Aichan Fleshlight combo

Titty fucking and blowjobs are two of my favorite things. When you combine the two, it’s a recipe for an explosive orgasm! If you’ve seen my previous Busty Aichan and fleshlight videos, then you know I like playing with my sex toys. For the first time, I decided to make a Busty Aichan + Fleshlight setup to emulate the experience of the titfuck-blowjob combo. It was a little difficult to get the right angle but when I finally figured it out, I could barely contain myself. I only lasted a couple minutes before it made me cum hard! My cock was throbbing as I was edging and trying to hold back the cumshot, but I lost control and released a big creamy load all over the fleshlight mouth and Busty Aichan. I’d say this experiment was a success!

Busty Aichan + fleshlight cumshot video

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Big cock fleshlight cumshot

It’s been a while since I’ve made a fleshlight fucking video, but this one is well worth the wait! I discovered the fleshlight mount, a handy little gadget that lets me mount my fleshlight to a wall or surface so I don’t have to hold it with my hands. That means you get a better view of my big Asian cock fucking and cumming inside my fleshlight!

In this video, I try forcing my hard cock into the dry super tight fleshlight mouth without lube. I have to admit, I enjoyed feeling the resistance against my big hard cock attempting to penetrate the uncooperative mouth. Next, I bust out the lube and slide my cock in a little deeper, until I’m balls deep in my fleshlight. It feels so damn good pounding my long dick in and out of the soft tight hole, it’s not long before cum squirts out of my cock onto the lips and in the mouth. Then I thrust my cock back inside and continue cumming in my fleshlight in a long, throbbing orgasm. The post-cum insertion at the end of the video drained my balls of every last drop of jizz, leaving my fleshlight and cock covered in cum!

Fleshlight cumshot video

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Fucking my Fleshlight

I’ve been curious about fleshlights for a long time now. I imagined how good it must feel to be able to plunge the entire length of my cock into a tight hole, pumping it in and out as hard as I want. Well, I finally bought one! I picked the mouth version because so I could imagine fucking a throat, and I picked the extra tight fleshlight to get the best sensation possible. All I can say is I wasn’t disappointed.

I wanted to share my experience with you all so I made this video of myself fucking the fleshlight in POV. I begin fucking away and feel like I’m going to ejaculate just after a minute! I pull out just before cumming and have a mini-orgasm, cumming on the fleshlight just a little bit. My cock still hard, I keep fucking away at the silicon mouth, using my cum as lube.

Then I cum a second time, pulling out and making sure to shoot semen all over the lips and mouth. I wipe the cum around with my dick and push the cum into the mouth, then shove my cock back inside. I’m trying to learn how to have multiple orgasms and I’m pretty sure this fleshlight will help me train. 🙂

Fleshlight POV fucking video

This preview video starts just after my first orgasm – the full video link is below, just send me a gift of a few bucks to download it.

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