More cum on Adrienne doll

One of my most popular cum dolls is Adrienne from Project MC2. She’s a horny student who turned into a total cumslut, in my doll fetish fantasy. Adrienne’s returned for another video, wearing pigtails and a slutty schoolgirl outfit that shows off her titties. She’s here for the one thing she loves – getting jizzed upon with a big load of thick cum on her face! She is such a cute little cum target isn’t she?

Cum on Adrienne doll video

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Cum on Asian Barbie doll

If you’ve seen my other videos then you know I have a doll fetish and love to cum on Barbie dolls. There are so many different Barbie dolls to choose from, but this one looks especially kinky covered in cum! My new Asian Barbie is a submissive slut doll, dressed seductively in black lingerie and her wrists tied down. This cum doll really wants to be owned by a big cock, so I stroke my hard cock and humiliate her by smothering a ton of sticky precum all over her face. This video gets nice and messy, with two loads of cum on Asian Barbie to welcome her to the naughty world of doll bukkake.

Cum on Barbie doll video

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Big cumshot on McKeyla doll

There’s a new pretty face in town, and she’s got bright purple hair, sexy inviting eyes and pouty lips. Her name is McKeyla McAlister and she’s a friend of my other Project MC2 doll, Adrienne. McKeyla heard all about Adrienne’s secret encounters with a big Asian cock that has a doll fetish, and she was intrigued. So she paid me a visit to see it with her own eyes. She sits down in front of me and asks if she can see my package. I drop my pants, exposing an enormous erection. “Oh my god, it’s even bigger than I imagined!” she exclaims…

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Cum on 2 dolls!

Draculaura and Nina Thumbell are curious about trying a threesome for the first time. They are both devoted to serving their master’s cock first and foremost, but this time they were instructed to touch and kiss each other. While the two dolls are getting it on, I whip out my hard cock. The massive shaft of throbbing meat towers above them, commanding the slut dolls to put their pretty faces together. They take turns kissing the tip and getting all sloppy with gobs of precum as it builds up a huge load to cum on these two dolls. I crisscross their faces with long streams of thick cum, covering both of them and hot gluing their faces together. Draculaura and Nina Thumbell now share a special connection as BFFs: Bukkake friends forever!

Cum on two dolls video

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Cum on Wonder Woman doll

We all know that Wonder Woman is a beautiful superhero who uses her powers to fight for justice, but the sexy Amazonian warrior princess has finally met an adversary she cannot defeat! None of her previous opponents knew that she has a weakness – big giant dicks. And this time, when Wonder Woman shows up to battle, she sees a big Asian cock that stops her in her tracks.

She freezes in place, under a spell of sexual magic that leaves her vulnerable and unable to defend herself. She stands there helplessly as I jerk off in front of her face until she’s under complete cock hypnosis. Then I give her my finishing move, a bukkake sized load of jizz blasted in her face at point blank range! The thick cum covers her face and oozes down her body, the ultimate cum tribute to Wonder Woman and the sexy actress Gal Gadot. The potent cumshot is a powerful potion that transforms the heroic justice fighter into my figure bukkake slave, where she’s destined to live out the rest of her days as a brainwashed bimbo addicted to cum.

Cum on Wonder Woman video

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