Doll cumshot threesome at Ever After High

The Ever After High dolls are such sluts! Nina Thumbell and Ginger were craving a big cock one day, so they decided to call their friend Mr. Solo Cumshot to see if he wanted to play. They thought it’d be fun to make out with each other while he watched, knowing that it would make him horny enough to jack off in front of them, and if they’re lucky, give them a big messy cum shower. And they sure got what they wanted – two loads of thick cum covering their faces, hair, and clothes! The huge cumshot leaves these two dolls bukkaked and satisfied, and they continue kissing as the semen slowly drips down their faces leaving behind a shiny cum glaze.

Doll cumshot threesome video

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Wonder Woman doll bukkake

The Wonder Woman cum doll is back, and this superheroine slut can’t get enough cum! When her superpowers are low, she recharges using a secret substance: semen. But not just any semen, she needs the super semen from a big hard monster cock. As she sits, the giant dick prepares to unload on her. Wearing a cock ring and edging, I paint Wonder Woman’s face and hair with a big thick load of jizz. The cum just keeps flowing on her until she looks like the messy whore she really is. Now that she’s got her dose of bukkake, she’s ready to fight more bad guys!

Wonder Woman doll cumshot video

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Cumshot on 3 Barbie dolls

If you’ve been following along with my solo cumshot adventures, then you know I love to cum on dolls. For the first time, I threw a wet and wild party with 3 of my Barbie dolls. I told them to bring a swimsuit because my throbbing cock was saving up a huge cumshot to splash all over them. They displayed their bare breasts and watched me jerking my cock over them. By the time I was through with them, these 3 Barbies got their titties soaked in cum!

Cum on 3 Barbie dolls video

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Gloryhole doll bukkake with McKeyla

We have a new contestant for the gloryhole – McKeyla doll! This Project MC2 doll is one of the prettiest I have, and she’s become a huge cumslut ever since she had her first doll bukkake. This time she’s topless and on her knees, anticipating a big dick emerging from the gloryhole and splattering her with cum. The monster cock enters and begins throbbing with excitement, with precum oozing out all over her pretty face. Get ready for another no-touch cumshot in the gloryhole doll playset, a hands-free orgasm that ravages little McKeyla with a massive load all over her face and body. McKeyla is a real doll bukkake slut!

Gloryhole doll bukkake video

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Two cumshots on Black Barbie

It’s another happy day for me because I have a new doll, and she’s super hot! The latest plastic beauty to join the doll harem is a Black Barbie is all dressed up, looking very glamorous and sexy. A girl this fine doesn’t give most guys the time of day. But she’s a total freak on the downlow who secretly loves getting covered in splooge. She wants big loads of cum all over her, the more the better. So I make sure she gets it, giving her not one, but two cumshots in a row. And the second load is a massive cum dump that destroys her pretty face and oozes down her nice dress. When I cum on Barbie dolls, I don’t mess around!

Cum twice on Black Barbie video

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