Onahole deepthroats my cock

Now that I have my very own La Bocca Della Verita onahole, I get to enjoy the ecstasy of deepthroat whenever I please. This blowjob toy feels very realistic, especially when you push your cock from the mouth into the throat. That feeling of entering a tight throat is so damn good with this onahole that I have to pace myself! I never knew sex toys for men could be this good. Although my cock is too long to fit all the way inside, I gave this toy throat a good stretching as I fuck it deep until my head nearly bulges a hole through it! Need to be careful not to destroy that throat.

Onahole deepthroat video

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Cumming on my shirt and tie

I decided to wear something nice for you today when I cum on myself. What’s the special occasion? It’s Sunday Cum Day! Instead of going to church, why don’t you come over and worship this cock? I’m not wearing any underwear, so my big cock bulge is very noticeable under these pants. Wanna see what’s underneath? I unzip my pants and whip out my dick, massage my meat and stroke my sausage.

I oil up my cock and start working the shaft and base. Then I use two hands to form a double-fisted grip around my big Asian cock until a huge load erupts all over my shirt and tie, looking classy as I shoot a massive cumshot on myself. I milk my cock of every last drop of semen, so by the end of this video I have cum on my cock, my hand, and splattered across my clothes. I’ve got so much cum on myself, it’s like a jizz bomb exploded in my lap!

Cum on my shirt and tie video

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