Busty Aichan + semen on picture

Hi everyone, here’s a little video I made of me titfucking my Busty Aichan. I printed a perfect hentai picture with big milky tits to cum on! Big boobs and cum tributes are always a great combo, so enjoy the new paizuri toy video with semen on picture (SOP) at the end. If you want the HD version then please donate a few dollars and buy the full video from my clip store. Thanks!

Semen on hentai picture video

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Busty Aichan paizuri cumshot

It’s time for Round 2 of titfucking masturbation fun with the Busty Aichan, the best big boobs sex toy ever made! The Busty Aichan is the most realistic male masturbator for experiencing the sensation of sliding your dick between two big boobs, otherwise knows as tit fucking, or “paizuri” in Japan.

I set the scene like I’m titty fucking a horny anime babe with her mouth wide open, begging for semen in her mouth. I lube up her tits, massage them, and slap them with my cock. They may be fake but they jiggle around just like real breasts! Then I squeeze those titties together and titfuck Busty Aichan with my hard cock, enjoying the immense pleasure of those sex doll tits stroking the entire length of my dick. At the end of the video, I shoot a big blast of cum on the hentai picture and cum on the Busty Aichan. Using my cum as lube, I fuck those tits some more until there’s sperm everywhere – a paizuri hentai cum tribute!

Busty Aichan titfuck video

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Multiple orgasm cum tribute to breasts

I donated to a breast cancer charity and received this nice pink wristband, then I went home to do my part to raise awareness. I find a picture of some nice perfect boobs and give them a cum tribute with multiple male orgasms. I use the pink wristband has a cock ring, slap my engorged dick on the table a few times, and jerk off with two hands.

I’ve been practicing edging and cumming multiple times, and I’m barely starting to learn to cum more than once and stay hard. By the end of the video, I jizz 3 times in a row and leave behind a nice cum tribute on tits.

Male multiple orgasm cum tribute video

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