Thick cumshot on panties

Every once on a while I get the urge to cum on panties, and this tiny black thong  belonging to my fuck buddy is my favorite jizzrag. In this video, I lay the panties on the table, get naked, and film myself POV jacking off. My engorged cock is aching to shoot a big load all over her panties, so I take aim and shoot a huge thick cumshot that covers the panties, plus cum on the table from the long distance cum blast. I love creating a hot white milky mess!

Thick cum load on panties video

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Super Sonico figure bukkake

I’ve always enjoyed hentai (Japanese anime porn) but never knew about those sexy anime figures until just recently. My first figure is Super Sonico, a video game and anime character with huge tits. She’s wearing a bikini that can barely contain her boobs, and she’s on her knees in the perfect position to take a big load.

In this figure bukkake video, I stroke my big Asian cock and ejaculate a huge powerful cumshot straight at Sonico’s face, blasting her right in her eye. The next huge cum blast goes over her and a long distance across the table! Then she takes another spurt of jizz across her big tits.

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Massive cumshot in POV

Hi my sexy friends, I’m back with a new cumshot video that I think you’ll like… I picked up one of those POV cams that shoots video from a pair of sunglasses. So of course I thought it’d be fun to make a little movie of me jerking my cock.

See things from my point of view when I stroke my cock and blast an incredibly huge cumshot. This is one of my biggest cumshots ever – a massive amount of cum shooting all over the coffee table with some crazy long distance!

Sorry the video is a little shaky, I’m still getting used to this POV camera 😀

Massive load POV cumshot video

Huge cumshot on the table
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Quickie jerk off and cumshot on table

I ran into my hot neighbor who lives in my apartment building and we stopped and talked for a while. I tried my damndest to hold a conversation but all I could think about was fucking… I was so horny by the time I got back to my apartment that I needed to rub one out immediately. My big cock was already on the brink of orgasm by the time I whipped out my dick and began masturbating. Within a minute or two I ejaculated and rained down a puddle of cum on the table!

Quickie jerk off cumshot video

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POV jerk off to cumshot on the table

One night, I was sitting on the couch texting with my FWB who was making me really horny. My cock was super hard so I unzipped my pants and whipped out my raging boner for a stroke or two. I got so turned on that I decided to videotape myself jerking off. Here is my solo male POV masturbation and cumshot video where I jerk off and cum on the table. Hope you enjoy my first video. Leave me a comment if you like what you see!

Solo Cumshot Video

POV jerk off to cumshot on the table
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