Cum on necklace

I took a girl out on a date the other night, and we ended up back at my place for drinks. One thing led to another, and all I’ll say is that we woke up in my bed naked the next morning. She got dressed, thanked me for a wonderful evening, and went home. She forgot to take her jewelry with her – a jade necklace and bracelet. If you’ve already seen me cum on panties, you can guess what I did with this girl’s jewelry.

First, I used her bracelet as a cockring, fastening it around my cock and balls as I jerked off. After stroking my cock and swinging it around for the camera, I cum on her necklace and imagined her putting it on. I didn’t get to give this girl a pearl necklace at the time (she swallowed) but I’ll be giving her one when she comes back for some more big Asian cock. She’ll have no idea she’s wearing a cum necklace the next time she wears it!

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