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This slutty Bratz doll makes a good cum target. Her glammed up eye makeup and pouty lips are just begging to be covered in semen. The unclothed doll lays on her back, waiting for her cum shower as a giant monster cock descends upon her. A huge load builds up, edging on the brink of ejaculation until it blasts her face full of jizz.

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Meet my new doll Tiny Tina. Tina, meet big cock. She’s a naughty little barbie doll with a cum fetish, and she wants a cum bath. In this 7 minute video, watch me have some fun jerking off with a doll and draining my balls with a huge cumshot that completely covers her face. See my doll jerk my cock, then watch me stroke myself while wearing a cock ring and giving my cum doll a one-man bukkake.

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No one knows this, but I have a fantasy about getting it on with a tiny fairy babe. There is no way a tiny girl that size could handle a human dick – it would destroy her!

The other day I was shopping and caught a glimpse of this hot little Bratz doll. The second I laid eyes on her, I pictured her covered in my cum. So I took her home, stripped off her clothes, and rubbed my massive cock all over her. I jerked off furiously, imagining her begging to be submerged in semen. I aimed my cum gun and gave her a one-man bukkake, drenching her with a huge load and letting it ooze slowly down her body.

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