Barbie doll bukkake

Wanna watch Barbie play with a giant cock and get totally covered in semen? It’s another episode of Cumslut Barbie’s adventure in doll bukkake! I wipe my pre-cum all over her face, and then dickslap her a few times. I tie her hands behind her back and around the monster cock, and use the Barbie doll to stimulate myself. At the end, I dump a big load of cum onto Barbie’s face and leave her cum drenched from a one man bukkake. She looks so pretty yet so naughty. I love the way my dolls look after they take the cumshot.

Barbie doll bukkake video

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Doll jerk off and cumshot

Meet my new doll Tiny Tina. Tina, meet big cock. She’s a naughty little barbie doll with a cum fetish, and she wants a cum bath. In this 7 minute video, watch me have some fun jerking off with a doll and draining my balls with a huge cumshot that completely covers her face. See my doll jerk my cock, then watch me stroke myself while wearing a cock ring and giving my cum doll a one-man bukkake.

Barbie doll jerk off and cumshot video

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