Cum on Barbie sisters

Barbie has so many sexy friends and sisters, I wish I could collect them all! My blonde and redhead Barbie dolls are sisters, and these two naughty dolls don’t mind sharing their men. They got all dressed up in lingerie together and in order to watch my big cock perform a cock ring masturbation show for them. As I stroke my hard veiny cock, redhead Barbie pulls down the lingerie to show me her and her sister’s tits. As they kneel in front of me, mesmerized by the giant cock, I tickle their faces and tits with the tip of my dick and make them all wet and messy with precum. Then I give them a spectacular ending to the show – a huge blast of cum all over their pretty doll faces. The two dolls get draped in big thick cum ropes with jizz on their hair and tits for good measure. You can tell by the massive cumshot that cumming on two Barbie dolls got me really excited!

Cum on two Barbie dolls video

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Cum on Asian Barbie doll

If you’ve seen my other videos then you know I have a doll fetish and love to cum on Barbie dolls. There are so many different Barbie dolls to choose from, but this one looks especially kinky covered in cum! My new Asian Barbie is a submissive slut doll, dressed seductively in black lingerie and her wrists tied down. This cum doll really wants to be owned by a big cock, so I stroke my hard cock and humiliate her by smothering a ton of sticky precum all over her face. This video gets nice and messy, with two loads of cum on Asian Barbie to welcome her to the naughty world of doll bukkake.

Cum on Barbie doll video

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Gloryhole Barbie

Barbie’s all grown up now, and she’s ready to explore her sexual side. She recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend Ken, because he was unable to satisfy her newfound desire for dick. In fact, he doesn’t even have a penis. After the breakup, she wanted to experience a huge cock for the first time. She heard there was a gloryhole nearby where she could find a massive cock that shoots giant loads at pretty dolls like her.

So one day, Barbie put on a slutty outfit, entered the gloryhole, and out came a monster cock that was as big as her entire body! She knelt down and stared at it, totally awestruck as it grew bigger and throbbed against her face. She watched it flex and throb, not sure what was about to happen next. She felt a warm splash of creamy fluid land on her face, something she’s never seen before. A few seconds later, a huge load gushes forth, exploding all over her. It’s a no hands cumshot that completely glazes her in semen, with two big cum blasts that shoot over her head. There’s so much cum that it’s like watching a Barbie doll bukkake, starring XXX edition Gloryhole Barbie!

Gloryhole Barbie cumshot video

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Redhead Barbie bukkake

It’s been a while since I’ve cum on Barbie, but I didn’t forget how pretty she looked coated with jizz. So when I met my new friend, a redhead Barbie doll, my dick instantly turned stiff and all I could think about was shooting a fat load all over her. Why do I have these filthy thoughts? I don’t know! All I know is that she looks so sexy in her pink corset and ballerina tutu… especially when she’s worshipping a huge cock. First, I take pictures as she poses in various positions for me. Throughout this sexy doll photo shoot I’m getting more and more horny, so I pull out my hard cock, turn on the video camera, and lay it on her.

I smother her face with the tip of my dick and get a little precum on her. Then I wrap her legs and arms around my cock and make her ride and grind against it. This big Asian cock looks so massive and beastly next to her! At this point my balls are full of cum and my dick is ready to explode. Sexy redhead Barbie kneels before me as I blow a massive load all over her face, hair, and body. So much cum dumps all over her that the solo cumshot becomes a big gooey Barbie doll bukkake. Cumming on dolls makes them look so beautiful!

Redhead Barbie doll bukkake video

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Barbie doll bukkake

Wanna watch Barbie play with a giant cock and get totally covered in semen? It’s another episode of Cumslut Barbie’s adventure in doll bukkake! I wipe my pre-cum all over her face, and then dickslap her a few times. I tie her hands behind her back and around the monster cock, and use the Barbie doll to stimulate myself. At the end, I dump a big load of cum onto Barbie’s face and leave her cum drenched from a one man bukkake. She looks so pretty yet so naughty. I love the way my dolls look after they take the cumshot.

Barbie doll bukkake video

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