Multiple orgasm cum tribute to breasts

I donated to a breast cancer charity and received this nice pink wristband, then I went home to do my part to raise awareness. I find a picture of some nice perfect boobs and give them a cum tribute with multiple male orgasms. I use the pink wristband has a cock ring, slap my engorged dick on the table a few times, and jerk off with two hands.

I’ve been practicing edging and cumming multiple times, and I’m barely starting to learn to cum more than once and stay hard. By the end of the video, I jizz 3 times in a row and leave behind a nice cum tribute on tits.

Male multiple orgasm cum tribute video

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Massive cumshot in POV

Hi my sexy friends, I’m back with a new cumshot video that I think you’ll like… I picked up one of those POV cams that shoots video from a pair of sunglasses. So of course I thought it’d be fun to make a little movie of me jerking my cock.

See things from my point of view when I stroke my cock and blast an incredibly huge cumshot. This is one of my biggest cumshots ever – a massive amount of cum shooting all over the coffee table with some crazy long distance!

Sorry the video is a little shaky, I’m still getting used to this POV camera 😀

Massive load POV cumshot video

Huge cumshot on the table
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Cumming Outdoors in Nature

I love to go outdoors and let my cock free in the sun and fresh air. Something about being in nature brings out the horny beast in me. One day I went for a hike in the mountains and stopped to take a rest. I unzipped my shorts, looked around to make sure no one was near, and started jacking off. I took some pictures of my big cock outdoors and then busted a huge load on a rock. It was a massive cumshot and I just wish I had a better camera with me. Leave me a note in the comments and tell me what you think!

Outdoor cumshot in nature video

Massive cumshot outdoor jerk off
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Jerk off in nature pics

Huge cumshot on the bathroom counter

I was naked in my bathroom and getting ready to jump in the shower when my cock stiffened and demanded that I jerk off. I slapped my big dick onto the counter and stroked it hard. I made myself cum in about a minute and blasted a huge cumshot, draining my balls. I like to cum on a black canvas because I’m a cum artist.

Huge cumshot video

Huge cumshot on the bathroom counter
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Huge cumshot on bathroom counter