Busty Aichan + semen on picture

Hi everyone, here’s a little video I made of me titfucking my Busty Aichan. I printed a perfect hentai picture with big milky tits to cum on! Big boobs and cum tributes are always a great combo, so enjoy the new paizuri toy video with semen on picture (SOP) at the end. If you want the HD version then please donate a few dollars and buy the full video from my clip store. Thanks!

Semen on hentai picture video

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Busty Aichan Fleshlight combo

Titty fucking and blowjobs are two of my favorite things. When you combine the two, it’s a recipe for an explosive orgasm! If you’ve seen my previous Busty Aichan and fleshlight videos, then you know I like playing with my sex toys. For the first time, I decided to make a Busty Aichan + Fleshlight setup to emulate the experience of the titfuck-blowjob combo. It was a little difficult to get the right angle but when I finally figured it out, I could barely contain myself. I only lasted a couple minutes before it made me cum hard! My cock was throbbing as I was edging and trying to hold back the cumshot, but I lost control and released a big creamy load all over the fleshlight mouth and Busty Aichan. I’d say this experiment was a success!

Busty Aichan + fleshlight cumshot video

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Bikini titty fuck masturbator POV

I put a tiny little string bikini on my Busty Aichan and wow, those big mounds of soft silicone boobs look very enticing. In this video, you can see me play with my titty fuck toy in POV. I slide my hard cock between those tits and squeeze them around my cock, then I go to town titfucking my Busty Aichan. This titjob sex toy really does a fine job – it’s not long before I feel like I’m going to cum. I stop right on the edge as my dick is pulsating, so close to cumming. After a few hard throbs, the spunk starts flowing out of my big hard throbbing cock. I lay a good helping of jizz between the tits and then start titfucking them again, using my cum as lube. By the looks of my cum covered cock, you can tell I was quite satisfied.

Busty Aichan bikini titty fuck video

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Busty Aichan paizuri cumshot

It’s time for Round 2 of titfucking masturbation fun with the Busty Aichan, the best big boobs sex toy ever made! The Busty Aichan is the most realistic male masturbator for experiencing the sensation of sliding your dick between two big boobs, otherwise knows as tit fucking, or “paizuri” in Japan.

I set the scene like I’m titty fucking a horny anime babe with her mouth wide open, begging for semen in her mouth. I lube up her tits, massage them, and slap them with my cock. They may be fake but they jiggle around just like real breasts! Then I squeeze those titties together and titfuck Busty Aichan with my hard cock, enjoying the immense pleasure of those sex doll tits stroking the entire length of my dick. At the end of the video, I shoot a big blast of cum on the hentai picture and cum on the Busty Aichan. Using my cum as lube, I fuck those tits some more until there’s sperm everywhere – a paizuri hentai cum tribute!

Busty Aichan titfuck video

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My first titfuck sex toy: Busty Aichan

I’m so excited! I just bought my first titfuck sex toy, the Busty Aichan. With my new toy, I get to play with a perfect pair of big tits whenever I want. I did a lot of research on big boobs masturbators before I finally decided on the Busty Aichan, so I thought I’d give it a test drive and share my first experience with you. I took a few pictures as I open the box and wash it with warm water and soap. These boobs might be fake but they feel so real! Made in Japan, the Busty Aichan is probably the most realistic big tits sex toy ever built. As you can see in the video, they jiggle and bounce just like real breasts. Squeezing them for the first time gave me an instant boner and I couldn’t wait to slide my cock between those big juicy melons. And it felt amazing.

Busty Aichan titfuck video

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