Jerking off before bed

I often have trouble sleeping at night. If you suffer from insomnia too, I’d like to share my favorite remedy with you – jerking off before bed and getting a good nut off. Allow me to demonstrate for you.

In this quick cell phone clip, I grip my cock around the base and slowly massage it, tightening my grip and loosening it while slowly stroking. This gives me a raging boner and pre-cum starts dripping down the head. And my big veiny purple monster pops a huge load of cum on myself. Some of the cum lands on my stomach and the rest spills all over the shaft and my hand, making a perfect jizz lube to finish my bedtime masturbation quickie.

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Big Asian cock jerking off and cumming in bed

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Amazing cock !! It is soooo big anf hard and shoots huge amounts of cum !!
Very exciting to look at and wank over !
Thanks for the fun !

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