Chocolate cum cake

I know a lot of you like it when I cum on food, so I think you’ll enjoy this video! This chocolate cream cake was looks pretty tasty, but it’s missing something don’t you think? As a certified cum chef, I know how to give this the finishing touch – a big load of fresh semen. Hope you like the new video added to my cum dessert collection. If you would like to support me, please consider buying the full HD video from my clips tore. Thank you!

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I knew I was hungry today.
This is amazing.
Still waiting for more barbie or monster high videos.
Want some with slutty outifts and sexy poses.

My favourite part about your videos is the little caption/stories you write. I love the long detailed ones 😍

Thank you for this wonderful comment 🙂
I have a few other dolls planned for future videos, but no barbie or monster high at this point. I’ll keep an eye out for some new ones!

I get all my dolls at thrift stores. I clean them up and use boiling water to tame the poofy hair.
Easy way to save some money and get some dolls.

All of that hot decadent semen from that magnificent massive cock, is what elevates this cake to being gourmet. It’s generously cum-loaded for those with refined taste. I’d eat every spermy bite. These teasers like your cock and high quality seed are perfection! Thank you Sir.

Love this cum dessert! Great cum job Mr. Solo Cumshot. Please make more with a chocolate bar and prepare creamy coffee💦☕

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