Minazuki Lala’s first SoF

Let’s give a warm sticky welcome to Minazuki Lala and her wonderfully huge boobs! Here’s my first semen on figure video with my new Minazuki Lala figure. I give a big load to her big anime tits and dump some cum on her head too. The cumshot is so thick and gooey it just accumulates on her boobs for a while before it slowly oozes down her sexy body and into a puddle of sperm on the floor. Lala’s first figure bukkake sure is a good one!

Minazuki Lala SoF video

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Cumshot on 3 Barbie dolls

If you’ve been following along with my solo cumshot adventures, then you know I love to cum on dolls. For the first time, I threw a wet and wild party with 3 of my Barbie dolls. I told them to bring a swimsuit because my throbbing cock was saving up a huge cumshot to splash all over them. They displayed their bare breasts and watched me jerking my cock over them. By the time I was through with them, these 3 Barbies got their titties soaked in cum!

Cum on 3 Barbie dolls video

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My first onahole masturbator

Hello my horny friends! I recently bought a new sex toy – my very first onahole! I thought I’d make a video of my first time using it. The only thing there is to say about my first onahole masturbator experience is that it was fucking awesome. There are so many different ones to choose from, I want to try them all. But for my first time, I decided on the La Bocca Della Verita onahole, because I just love blowjobs. I have to say, it feels just as good as the real thing. It feels much more realistic than my fleshlight. As you can see in the video, this onahole can suck and deepthroat a big dick and make me cum quick!

My first onahole masturbation video

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Saotome Maria SoF facial

Saotome Maria is back for a new semen on figure (SoF) video! Her big boobs are so tempting to jizz all over, but this time I wanted to give her a good facial cumshot. By now, she is no stranger to figure bukkake. In fact, she was starting to get jealous of all the other hentai figures and dolls that have been competing my attention. But don’t worry Maria, there’s plenty of thick cum to go around! This SoF video has some great closeup shots of the huge cock jacking off and shooting cum right in her face. It’s a massive facial bukkake with semen covering her face completely and dripping down onto her big breasts. Another spunktastic solo cumshot video for you to enjoy!

Saotome Maria SoF video

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Gloryhole doll bukkake with McKeyla

We have a new contestant for the gloryhole – McKeyla doll! This Project MC2 doll is one of the prettiest I have, and she’s become a huge cumslut ever since she had her first doll bukkake. This time she’s topless and on her knees, anticipating a big dick emerging from the gloryhole and splattering her with cum. The monster cock enters and begins throbbing with excitement, with precum oozing out all over her pretty face. Get ready for another no-touch cumshot in the gloryhole doll playset, a hands-free orgasm that ravages little McKeyla with a massive load all over her face and body. McKeyla is a real doll bukkake slut!

Gloryhole doll bukkake video

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